Road Superintendent

David Weems

David WeemsElected to office in August 2006, David Weems is responsible for maintaining approximately 1,210 miles of roads plus bridges in Greene County.


  • Integrity and Reliability
  • Recognition of each employee's importance and dedication to the Greene County Highway Department.
  • Respecting all members of Greene County and listening to their requests and concerns and responding in a timely manner.
  • Maintaining an environment that employees are proud to work in
  • Acknowledging that each employee plays a big role in the success of the Greene County Highway Department
  • Consistent accountability and efficiency to the citizens of Greene County.

Our VISION is:

  • To maintain roads and bridges required to assure the citizens of Greene County a bright future.
  • To have a Highway Department that is recognized for being totally committed to the public and their well being.


  • To provide the citizens with loyal and committed service.
  • To efficiently maintain the county roads in Greene County.


PDF FileGreene County Road Report: Road Details by Road Name with Comments

Road Conditions

Important or urgent road conditions will post in this location!!