County Clerk

The County Clerk's office is most likely best known for motor vehicle registration and licensing. In addition, the office now prints titles for the State of Tennessee Department of Revenue, expediting the titling process for Greene Countians.

The county clerk serves as clerk of the county legislative body. The clerk is responsible for sending required public notices and keeping the minutes of the county legislative body meetings.

The office issues marriage licenses. The county clerk, along with judges and county commissioners, may solemnize a marriage.

The county clerk serves as secretary to the beverage board. The board is responsible for issuing both on-premises and off-premises permits to sell beverages in unincorporated areas of the County. The beverage board is a part of the county legislative body's public services committee and meets monthly on the second Wednesday in the County Clerk's Office.

Under a private act of the Tennessee Legislature, the Greene County Clerk is the clerk for Probate Court. The probate clerk is responsible for processing wills and the administration of estates of deceased Greene Countians.

In addition, occupancy tax is remitted to the county clerk by hotel and motel operators in Greene County.

Since notaries public are elected by the County Legislative Body, the county clerk keeps a record of the notaries public in the county and has duties involving coordination between the secretary of state and the notary applicant. The oath of office of notaries is administered by the county clerk.

The county clerk is also a license agent for the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency. Hunting and fishing licenses are issued. Sales tax on boat purchases is collected and boat registration applications are processed.

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